LG TV Half Screen Dark (Just Do This) – 2024

If one side of your LG TV screen is dark, it ruins the entire TV-watching experience. Half screen getting darker or black is very common with LG TVs. If your LG TV screen’s top, bottom, right, or left side is dark, you have come to the right place. This guide will help you fix your … Read more

How to rename HDMI inputs on LG TV?

Rename LG TV HDMI Inputs

If you are someone who connects multiple devices to your LG TV, it would be best to rename the HDMI inputs so that you can easily identify each device and switch them without any confusion. But how will you change the HDMI input name on your LG TV? This guide will explain how to rename … Read more

LG TV Won’t Turn On (Do This First!) – Fixed 2024

So your LG TV is not turning on. You tried pressing the power button multiple times, yet your TV shows no signs of life. I was in the same shoes a couple of days back. One Sunday evening, I grabbed my LG smart TV remote and pressed the power button. But the TV didn’t turn … Read more

What is LG Super Resolution & How To Enable It? (2024)

Many are confused as to what exactly is LG Super Resolution and how it helps you get better picture quality on your LG Smart TV and compatible monitors. LG super resolution is an incredible feature on newer LG TV models. But the fact is that not a lot of people still know about this. Let’s … Read more

How To Get Roku On LG TV In 5 Mins?

Roku has got some amazing video streaming channels on its platform. Because of the straightforward approach and ease of use, many people love the Roku interface and Roku devices. There are many Roku TVs out there. But none of the LG TVs comes with built-in Roku support. Many people wonder if it’s possible to get … Read more

How Long Do LG TVs Last? Are They Reliable in 2024?

How Long Do LG TVs Last

LG TVs have a strong presence in the entire consumer TV market worldwide. LG manufactures excellent TVs that are far more reliable than many expensive TVs in the market. The LG TV in my living room is more than seven years old and works flawlessly without any problems. So I can surely vouch for the … Read more