How Long Do LG TVs Last? Are They Reliable in 2023?

How Long Do LG TVs Last

LG TVs have a strong presence in the entire consumer TV market worldwide. LG manufactures excellent TVs that are far more reliable than many expensive TVs in the market. The LG TV in my living room is more than seven years old and works flawlessly without any problems. So I can surely vouch for the … Read more

LG Soundbar Won’t Turn On With TV? Enable AUTO-POWER

LG Soundbar Won't Turn On With TV

If configured properly, the LG soundbar should turn on with the TV. Whenever you press the power button on the remote, both the TV and soundbar should turn on at the same time. But at times, the soundbar won’t turn on with TV. Turning on the soundbar and TV individually every time is a tedious … Read more

My LG TV Screen is Black But I Have Sound – FIXED

LG TV Black Screen With Sound

Even though LG TVs are reliable, they are also prone to display issues. LG TV with sound but no picture is now a widespread issue among LG TV owners. It will be very frustrating to see a black screen with sound whenever you are about to watch your favorite show or sports event on your … Read more

Unable to Turn On LG TV With Alexa [Problem SOLVED!]

alexa won't turn on lg tv

Many people are facing issues where Alexa won’t turn on LG TV. It appears that Alexa can turn LG TV off but not on. Well, I got a solution for you. Everyone is surprised that LG TVs are behaving strangely since they are highly reliable and last long. I followed the same steps below to … Read more