How Long Do LG TVs Last? Are They Reliable in 2024?

LG TVs have a strong presence in the entire consumer TV market worldwide. LG manufactures excellent TVs that are far more reliable than many expensive TVs in the market.

The LG TV in my living room is more than seven years old and works flawlessly without any problems. So I can surely vouch for the quality and reliability of LG TVs.

TVs are an expensive investment. If you’re planning to get an LG TV, you will be interested in knowing how long the TV will last and how reliable it is overall.

The reliability of a TV depends on several factors. Primarily, it includes the materials and technology used in the manufacturing process and how the TV is used.

In this article, I will explain how long LG TVs last and how reliable they are.

LG TVs are promised to last around 100,000 hours or approximately 30 years on an average daily use of 10 hours. Regarding LG LCD TV, it should roughly last 60,000 hours or 16 years on average use of 10 hours a day.

How Long Does LG TV Last?

One cannot assure that an LG TV will last X years.

Based on my experience, an LG TV should last for more than five years.

LG promises their high-end OLED TVs to last roughly around 100,000 hours. If you use your TV 10 hours a day on average, then you can expect the TV to last for 25 to 30 years.

Since LG only uses high-quality products to manufacture their TVs, you can rest assured that the internal components are durable.

Apart from the quality of the internal components, the way you use the TV also decides how long it lasts.

For example, on average, an LG TV used 3 hours a day lasts way longer than an LG TV used for more than 10 hours a day.

TV usage in a house will be much less than in a shop or public place. If a TV is played 24/7 or at least half a day, it will dramatically decrease the lifespan of the TV.

In recent years, as technology has improved, LG started using white OLED subpixel for manufacturing the screen that passes light through the filters. This increases the lifespan of the TV further.

As LG TVs get expensive, the quality improves, too.

And LG 4K OLED Evo TV will last much longer than a regular entry-level LG LCD or LED TV.

OLED technology is far away superior to regular LCD or LED tech. If you get an expensive OLED TV from LG, you can expect the TV to last for more than ten years.

How Long Do LG LCD TVs Last?

Compared to OLED TVs, LCD and LED TVs are cheaper and more economical.

Modern LG LCD TVs are claimed to last for roughly 60,000 hours on regular usage. If you use the TV for 10 hours a day on average, you can expect the TV to last for about 15 years.

Since OLED technology started gaining more momentum, LG has slowly decreased LCD TVs’ production.

Since LG still manufactures LCD TVs, you may get one cheaper than an OLED counterpart.

Are LG TVs Reliable?

Are LG TVs Reliable?

One of the most asked questions about buying an LG TV is whether LG TVs are reliable enough.

The reliability of a TV mainly depends on the kind of materials used to make the TV.

How long an LG TV last depends on several factors. LG is an industry-leading TV manufacturer, and they use high-quality components to build a TV.

From my experience, I can say LG TVs are reliable because the LG TV in my living room is working fine even after seven years. I regularly use the TV for at least an hour every day, and I did not face any problems yet.

OLED TVs are way more reliable and durable than LCD TVs. Other than reliability, OLED TV consumes less power than LCD TVs. This will help you to keep energy consumption in check.

LG TVs can be expensive to many, if you are looking for a cheaper TV with amazing features, take a look at Element TV.

LG TV Warranty

TVs are getting more expensive every year, so the warranty is something you should take seriously.

Having an LG TV with good warranty coverage gives you peace of mind.

Depending on the LG TV model you want, it should have at least a year to five years of warranty.

If your TV fails or does not work correctly, you can claim the warranty and get your TV repaired or replaced for free.

You can get the TV repaired or replaced if your TV is covered under warranty.

Below is the warranty coverage for most LG TV models.

LG OLED TVs have warranty coverage for three years.

LG OLED Nano TV has warranty coverage for up to five years.

You can find more detailed LG TV warranty coverage information here.

How Is LG TV Compared To Other Brands

Samsung and Sony are two TV brands that are pretty similar to LG in terms of quality and reliability.

If you’re about to buy a new TV, you will consider every option. Sony, Samsung, and LG are the three names that most people suggest since they are industry-leading players when it comes to the TV segment.

Both Samsung and Sony make high-quality TVs. The durability of TVs from all three brands is pretty much the same. The environment in which the TV operates decides the fate of the TV.

All three brands are competing by introducing new display technologies and features on every new model of the TVs.

Features like PIP mode and Super Resolution make LG TV attractive to many.

How To Increase The Lifespan Of An LG TV

How To Increase The Lifespan Of An LG TV

Even though LG TVs are made using high-quality materials and internal components, the environment in which the TV operates and the way you use the TV decide the lifespan of the TV.

If you take care of a few things, you can dramatically increase the lifespan of an LG TV.

Below are some points to keep in mind to improve the lifespan of an LG TV.

The first thing to do is to turn off the TV when not in use.

Most people press the power button on the TV remote and leave.

When you press the power button on the TV remote, your TV does not turn off. Instead, it goes into standby mode. Technically speaking, your TV is still on but does not display anything on the TV screen.

Instead of putting your TV in standby mode, consider unplugging it or switching off to increase its lifespan.

You should place the TV in such a way that there is a lot of air ventilation. Avoid placing your TV in a cabinet or closed environment.

A lot of air ventilation around the TV decreases the risk of TV overheating.

Depending on the room’s lighting condition, adjust the picture profile, brightness, contrast, and other aspects of the picture settings. This will help you to improve the life of the TV drastically.

Avoid placing the TV near the window where the sunlight may directly fall on the TV. It will damage the TV in the long run.

Moisture is the enemy of every electronic device. Similar is the case with LG TVs. Ensure you do not place the TV near humidifiers or places with a lot of moisture content.

Do not place the TV on the floor, as dust and dirt particles accumulate and get inside the TV, damaging the components. It can even result in the failure of the WiFi component in your LG TV.

Proper cable management also helps you to improve the life of your TV. Ensure the cable is well organized and tucked in so that pets or children at your home do not pull them and damage ports on the TV.

Signs Your LG TV Is Dying

Signs LG TV is Dying

Even though LG promises 100,000 hours of life for an OLED TV and 60,000 for LCD TV, your LG TV may get faulty even before.

As mentioned earlier, other than the build quality, the way you use the TV and the environment where the TV is placed also plays an important role in determining the life of a TV.

Below are some signs that your LG TV is indirectly saying it’s failing.

The TV’s brightness starts to dimmer even though it is set at the maximum possible level. Over time, the lighting diode on the TV fails one by one, reducing the brightness of the entire TV screen. Eventually, it will come to a point where the TV cannot light up the screen.

Horizontal or vertical lines on the TV screen are yet another sign your TV panel has failed. Depending on the severity of the damage, one over multiple lines may appear on the TV, making you unable to watch content properly.

A white spot on the TV generally appears when the diffuser lens gets detached from the panel. Depending on how many lenses got detached, one or multiple white spots appear on your TV screen.

Speaker-related problems are yet another sign your TV is failing. Over time, the maximum sound output from your TV speaker decreases, or the speaker starts to produce echo or other weird noise every time you play something.

What’s Next?

If you’re confused about whether or not to buy a brand-new LG TV, this article should help you decide. LG is an industry-leading consumer TV manufacturer with a strong presence all over the globe.

The LG TV in my living room has been working flawlessly for more than seven years, and I have not felt any problems yet.

Apart from the build quality of the TV, how you use and manage the TV also do matter a lot.

Here’s a fix if Alexa is unable to turn on LG TV via voice command.


How long should an LG Smart TV last?

As claimed by LG, an LG OLED TV will last roughly 100,000 hours, and an LCD TV will last approximately 60,000 hours.

Does LG TV Have A Warranty?

All LG TV models are covered under warranty. Depending on the model, your LG TV will have a 1 to 5-year warranty coverage. You can get your TV repaired or replaced free if it is still under warranty.

Is LG A Good TV Brand?

LG is a good TV brand. They make some high-end and economical OLED, LED, and LCD TVs at every price point. LG uses highly durable and high-quality materials to manufacture every TV lineup.

Which Is The Best LG TV?

LG OLED TVs are the best lineup of TVs from the LG brand. They are relatively expensive when compared with other low-end LCD or LED variants.