How To Jailbreak Vizio TV? (In 3 Mins) – 2023

Jailbreak Vizio TV

Jailbreaking Vizio TV lets you lift a lot of restrictions set by the company, like installing third-party apps and accessing a lot of hidden features. Although Vizio TV provides many features, you can get even more by jailbreaking the TV. In this article, you will find how to jailbreak Vizio smart cast TV, access hidden … Read more

Vizio TV Connected To WiFi But No Network Detected: FIXED

Vizio TV Connected To WiFi But No Network Detected

You are not alone if your Vizio TV is connected to WiFi but says no network detected. Network issues are very common with smart TVs, and Vizio smart TVs are no exception. When Vizio TV shows the ‘connected to WiFi but no network detected’ error message, your TV won’t have Internet access even though it … Read more

Vizio TV Keeps Restarting (On & Off) 2023: FIXED

Vizio TV Keeps Restarting

Is your Vizio TV restarting continuously? You tried basic troubleshooting steps like unplugging the TV, but it didn’t help you. Vizio TV keeps restarting is a widespread problem many Vizio TV owners face these days. Generally, Vizio TV keeps constantly rebooting when there is a software or hardware issue. If your Vizio TV is restarting … Read more

How To Turn On Vizio TV Without Remote [6 WAYS!] 2023

How To Turn On Vizio TV Without Remote

You might have lost your Vizio TV remote, the battery ran out of charge, or the remote isn’t working. Now you are wondering if it is possible to turn on Vizio TV without the remote control. One of the many perks of using a smart TV like a Vizio TV is that it allows you … Read more

Do Vizio TVs Have Bluetooth? (Yes & No) – 2 Workarounds

Do Vizio TVs Have Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an essential feature on any smart TV out there. Whether you want to connect a wireless headphone or Bluetooth speaker to your TV, it should have Bluetooth built in. Some Vizio TVs come with Bluetooth LE, while some have the original Bluetooth. Vizio TVs with Bluetooth LE cannot connect to wireless headphones or … Read more

How to Turn up Volume on Vizio TV Without Remote

How to Turn up Volume on Vizio TV Without Remote

Knowing the button placements on your Vizio TV is very important in case the battery on the TV remote runs out or you miss the remote. Every Vizio TV has a volume button, a power button, an input/source button, and the menu button on the TV itself. In case you lose the TV remote, you … Read more

Vizio Remote Button Layout [All Models With Pictures]

Vizio Remote Layout

The button layout can be a bit confusing if this is your first time using a Vizio remote. But don’t worry, I will show you the Vizio Remote Layout of different models, and let’s see what the buttons are and what they do. Vizio has a couple of different types of remote. The first one, … Read more

Reset Vizio TV Without Remote (The EASY Way)

Reset Vizio TV Without Remote

Without the remote, people find it hard to do certain things on the Vizio TV, like connecting to WiFi, resetting the TV, adjusting the volume, or changing the channel. Are you trying to reset your Vizio TV without the remote? You may have lost your TV remote, or your Vizio remote is not working. Whatever … Read more

Vizio TV Won’t Recognize USB Flash Drive Fix (Just Do This)

Vizio TV Won't Recognize USB Flash Drive

Did you connect a USB flash drive to your Vizio TV only to realize that the TV hasn’t recognized it? Many Vizio TV owners are facing difficulties in connecting USB flash drives. No matter what they do, the TV won’t recognize and show the USB pen drives connected to it. Since the TV doesn’t recognize … Read more

Why Is My Vizio TV So Slow? Proven Fixes (9 Ways)

Vizio TV So Slow

From the last two weeks, my Vizio TV has become considerably slower. The TV is so slow to respond, it lags and freezes sometimes. What’s more frustrating is that it takes at least 3 to 5 seconds for the TV to respond after I press a button on the remote. Furthermore, opening apps like Netflix … Read more