PS5 Controller Input Lag [Just DO THIS!] Fix in 2 Mins

PS5 Controller Input Lag

For gamers, controller input lag is in no way acceptable. A lot of PS5 users are facing PS5 controller input lag lately, which ruins the entire gaming experience. If you have been facing PS5 controller input lag lately, you are not alone. Many people reported that they started to experience high controller input lag after … Read more

PS5 Controller Button Sticking – Fixed (Do This)

PS5 Button Sticky

PS5 controller buttons getting sticky is very common. Over time, as you use the controller, dust and debris accumulate in between the face button gaps and make the button sticky. Depending on the usage, any PS5 controller button may get sticky or squishy. But it is mostly seen that the face buttons are the ones … Read more

Nintendo Switch Orange Screen of Death (Just DO This!)

Nintendo Switch Orange Screen

Is your Nintendo screen stuck on a solid orange color and does not respond no matter what buttons you press? This condition is called the orange screen of death in Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, and Nintendo Switch OLED. Nintendo getting stuck in an orange screen is now a widespread problem many console gamers face. … Read more

HDMI No Signal on ASUS Monitor (Just DO This!)

asus monitor hdmi no signal issue

If your ASUS monitor shows a No Signal or HDMI No Signal error message, it mostly happens because you selected the incorrect input source, the HDMI port is faulty, a glitch or the cable is not working properly. This guide will help you fix the No Signal error on your ASUS monitor and get it … Read more

PS5 HDMI Not Working? Fixed (Do This!)

ps5 hdmi not working

When PS5 HDMI issues arise, your TV screen will display nothing but a blank screen, blurry picture, or a “No Input Found” error message. If your PS5’s HDMI is not working or nothing is visible on the screen, you have come to the right place. Well, the good news is it is easily fixable. Why … Read more

How to rename HDMI inputs on LG TV?

Rename LG TV HDMI Inputs

If you are someone who connects multiple devices to your LG TV, it would be best to rename the HDMI inputs so that you can easily identify each device and switch them without any confusion. But how will you change the HDMI input name on your LG TV? This guide will explain how to rename … Read more