How To Stop Alexa from Announcing Bluetooth Connection (2024)

Stop Alexa from Announcing Bluetooth Connection

One thing that most Alexa Echo users hate is its connection announcement feature. Every time you connect your phone to Alexa, it says “Now Connected To Phone Name” or “Playing From Phone Name” The connection announcement feature can be extremely annoying, especially when the phone automatically disconnects and connects to Alexa. For some people, the … Read more

How To Schedule Lights With Alexa? (2024)

How To Schedule Lights With Alexa

Scheduling light is an integral part of the home automation setup. And the good news is Alexa will let you schedule all lights in your home. Once linked with your Alexa smart home setup, you can remotely turn on the light, control it, change the color, and schedule them. Scheduling light allows you to turn … Read more

Alexa Responds But Won’t Play Music On Echo & Sonos (2024)

Alexa Responds But Won't Play Music

Alexa is known for many weird problems, like not responding to your question but lighting up, won’t play Spotify, etc. Alexa will reply to your command or responds but won’t play music is yet another problem faced by a lot of users. You say the wake word to make Alexa listen and ask it to … Read more

Alexa Not Working On Sonos (Do This First) – 2024

Is Alexa not working on Sonos, or has Alexa stopped working on your Sonos speakers? Alexa compatibility on Sonos is one of the most loved features of the speaker. But people have started facing issues using Alexa on Sonos lately. Many are unable to get Alexa working on Sonos. No matter what they do, Alexa … Read more

Disable Alexa On Fire TV/Firestick [Just Do This!] 2024

Amazon Fire TV and Firestick come with Alexa pre-built. Having Alexa on Firestick allows you to use voice commands to open any streaming apps, play content, and do many other things. But many people are concerned about having Alexa enabled on the Firestick or Fire TV. Many believe that Alexa secretly listens to your conversation … Read more

How To Play YouTube On Echo Show [The Hidden Method] – 2024

How To Play YouTube On Echo Show

Playing YouTube on Echo Show was easy until Firefox decided to discontinue its web browser support on Echo Show. A lot of people used to watch YouTube TV and YouTube videos on Echo Show by visiting the YouTube website on the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Since the web browser is no longer available for Echo … Read more

40 Alexa Fire TV Commands in 2024 [Full List]

Alexa Fire TV Voice Commands

Since Fire TV and Firestick come with Alexa built-in, it is straightforward to use the TV without having to touch the remote. With Alexa Fire TV voice commands, you can easily do anything and everything the TV remote does. One thing I like a lot about Alexa-enabled Fire TV and Firestick is that I can … Read more

Does Alexa Have To Be Plugged In? Can It Work On Battery?

Does Alexa Have to Be Plugged in

Considering the size of the Alexa echo speakers, many think they are portable and can be used without plugging them in. Are Alexa Echo speakers portable, and does it work on battery? In this article, you will find everything, including whether Alexa needs to be plugged in, whether it works on battery, and the best … Read more