How to Change LG TV Name? Rename LG TV

At times you might want to rename your LG TV. Changing your LG TV’s name will be ideal if you have multiple LG TVs in your house.

LG TVs come with various features, including smart connectivity, out-of-the-world display, and some nifty little options like the ability to change the name of the TV.

The option to change the LG TV name is buried deep inside the Settings page, which makes it challenging for new users to rename the LG TV.

How to Rename LG TV?

To rename LG TV, go to Settings > All Settings > Devices and TV Management. Under TV Management, navigate to TV Information and the Device Name. Select Device Name and then type the new name. Once done, click Enter, and you are all good to go.

Now let’s get a bit more detail into the steps to change the LG TV name.

Whether it be LG Smart TV, 4K TV, etc., the steps to rename are pretty much the same.

Grab your LG TV remote and press the Settings button.

Press Settings Button

Use the down arrow button to navigate to the All Settings menu.

All Settings

Go to General and then Devices. This is where we manage various device settings, including LG TV name.

Devices Settings

Next, click on TV Management and TV information.

TV information

Here you’ll find the option Device name. By default, the TV name will be set as your LG TV model number.

No one like the boring TV model number as name.

As soon as you click on the Device Name field, an on-screen keyboard will appear, using which you’ll have to type a new name for your LG TV.

Change LG TV Name

You can add alphabet, numbers, and special symbols to your LG TV name.

Once done, click the Enter button to save the changes and exit.

You have successfully changed your LG TV name.

Now onwards, when you try to search for your TV within your network, you’ll find the new name.

If you have multiple LG TVs in your house, follow the same steps to rename them to make it easy for you to figure out the right TV when connected to the network.

Why Change LG TV Name?

By default, your LG TV name will be set to the model number. For example, if you own an LG TV with the model number ‘LG39LB650V’, then your TV’s name will also be LG39LB650V.

When you search for your TV on the network, this is the name that will pop up.

Not everyone likes to keep the model number as their LG TV name, or some might have multiple LG TVs in their house.

It will be even worse if you have multiple LG TVs of the same model.

So it will be better to change the TV name ASAP so that you can avoid guesswork and confusion next time you try to connect to your LG Smart TV.

Wrap Up

Changing the LG TV name is as simple as grabbing your remote and changing an option in Settings under TV information.

So, let’s quickly recap what we did to change the LG TV name.

  • Go to Settings > All Settings > Devices > TV Management
  • Select the option ‘Device Name.’
  • Use the on-screen keyboard to rename it to anything you like
  • Click the Enter button on the on-screen keyboard to save the changes.