How To Clear Cache On Firestick & Fire TV (2 Mins) – 2024

How To Clear Cache On Firestick & Fire TV

Firestick cache is known to cause various problems making your Firestick slower and apps unresponsive. Clearing the FireStick cache occasionally is a good thing to make your FireStick usage flawless. In this article, you will find how to clear the Firestick and Fire TV cache. So let’s see how? How To Clear Cache On Firestick? … Read more

How To Pair New Firestick Remote Without Old One or WiFi?

How To Pair New Firestick Remote Without Old Remote

People constantly lose remotes, and the Firestick remote is no exception. But the most challenging part is getting a new Firestick remote and pairing it without the old one. Remotes go missing, get stuck in the crevice of your couch, or stop working all of a sudden. In such situations, you will be forced to … Read more

Disable Alexa On Fire TV/Firestick [Just Do This!] 2024

Amazon Fire TV and Firestick come with Alexa pre-built. Having Alexa on Firestick allows you to use voice commands to open any streaming apps, play content, and do many other things. But many people are concerned about having Alexa enabled on the Firestick or Fire TV. Many believe that Alexa secretly listens to your conversation … Read more

Can Firestick Connect To 5 GHz WiFi – Here’s How (+Troubleshooting Tips)

Connect Firestick To 5GHz Network

Firestick by Amazon is one of the best streaming devices to add many more functionalities and streaming apps to your TV and Firestick works on non-smart TVs, too. WiFi is essential for Firestick to work. You might be wondering if Firestick supports my 5 GHz WiFi network. Well, in this article, I’ll explain if Firestick … Read more

Minimum Internet Speed For Firestick [2024] Full Details

Minimum Internet Speed For Firestick

A good Internet speed is essential for streaming content on Firestick without buffering. Many people ask what the minimum internet speed needed for Firestick is. The internet speed requirement changes depending on the type of Firestick you own, the app you use, the TV size, and the resolution in which you stream content. It’s a … Read more

How to Reset Firestick Without Remote Control [2024]

Reset Firestick Without Remote

For many reasons, you may want to reset Firestick. Normally you reset Firestick with a remote. But what would you do if you lost the Firestick remote? It is possible to reset Firestick without the remote control! In this article, I will show you how to factory reset a Firestick without the remote control in … Read more

Can You Use Firestick On Non-Smart TV? Yes, [Guide]

Can You Use Firestick On Non-Smart TV

Many ask if it is possible to use Firestick on a non-smart TV. Many own old non-smart TVs, and some even without an HDMI port. Well, you will be surprised to know you can use Firestick on all TVs, including those without HDMI ports. If your old non-smart TV is working well, there’s no point … Read more

Fix No USB Storage Detected on Firestick (Try This FIRST!)

No USB Storage Detected on Firestick

Is the USB storage device not detected in your Firestick? Well, you are not alone. It’s a common problem that a lot of Firestick owners face. I’ll share a simple step to make Firestick recognize your USB drive in less than two minutes. The guide below works with USB storage, including external hard drives, USB … Read more

Cache Not Clearing on Firestick [Why & How To Fix]

Clear Cache Not Working on Firestick

Clearing cache on your Firestick is one way to make it faster and free up some storage space. If you are a Firestick user, you might have noticed that even after clearing the cache, a small amount of storage will still be shown as occupied by the cache files. Say, for example, you cleared the … Read more