No Hue Bridge Found (Just Do This) – Fixed 2024

No Hue Bridge Found

You are about to set up your Hue smart lighting setup, and suddenly you get an error message saying, “No Hue Bridge Found”. Without the Hue bridge, you can’t connect Hue bulbs and control them remotely. Unlike other smart bulbs, Hue smart bulbs connect to Hue bridge, and Hue bridge connects to WiFi. If the … Read more

Hue Bridge Unable to Connect [PROVEN Fix!] – 12 Ways

Hue Bridge Not Connecting

The Hue Bridge is the hub of the Hue Smart Lighting system; if it does not connect to the Internet, the entire system won’t work remotely. A couple of days ago, my Hue bridge got disconnected from the Internet, and no matter what I do, the Hue bridge is unable to connect. After talking to … Read more