Multiple Spotify Accounts on Alexa: Simple Guide! (2023)

Multiple Spotify Accounts on Alexa: Simple Guide

Can I use multiple Spotify accounts on Alexa? It is one of the most popular asked questions by Echo Dot users. Spotify is by far one of the best music streaming platforms out there. But the option to link multiple Spotify accounts to Alexa is not available natively. But this doesn’t mean you can’t use … Read more

How To Use Alexa As A Bluetooth Speaker Without WiFi

Use Alexa As A Bluetooth Speaker

Alexa Echo comes with some seriously excellent speakers that are reasonably loud enough. Many want to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker to play high-volume music without WiFi. Well, it is indeed possible, as Alexa comes with built-in Bluetooth functionality. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) on Alexa Echo Dot allows you to stream audio from … Read more

How To Delete Alexa Contacts on Echo & App [Simple Guide!]

How To Delete Alexa Contacts

Are you looking to delete a contact in Alexa and can’t find out of the option to do so? Deleting a contact on Alexa echo is a bit confusing. Until a recent update kicked in, deleting imported contacts from Alexa was a colossal pain. There was no direct option to delete contacts directly. Thanks to … Read more

How To Add Contacts To Alexa [Echo] – 2023 Guide

Add Contact To Alexa Echo

Alexa should have a list of all your contacts to call them with a voice command. As of now, there are two ways to add contacts to Alexa. The first method is syncing the contacts from your smartphone, and the other is manually adding contacts to Alexa. In this article, I will explain all the … Read more

How Much Does Alexa Cost in 2023 [All Models, Subscriptions]

How Much Does Alexa Cost

Alexa is an incredible tech for home automation and smart voice assistant. You have heard about all things that Alexa can do, including controlling your smart home devices, the smart home voice assistant that answers any of your questions, adding items to your shopping list, purchasing products from Amazon directly, playing the music of your … Read more

What Does Alexa Red Ring Light Mean & How To FIX! (2023)

Alexa Red Ring Light

The ring light on top of Alexa makes it extremely simple for users to diagnose and fix problems. Since the Echo Dot does not have a screen to display the problem faced by the device, it changes the light depending on the issue. A red light on Alexa means a communication issue with Amazon servers, … Read more

Where Is Action Button On Echo Show?[All Gen]

Where is the action button on Echo Show

The action button is integral to all Alexa devices, like the Echo and Echo Dot. But what about the Action button on Echo Show? The action button on Alexa serves different purposes, such as stopping the timer or alarm, pairing Alexa, factory resetting Alexa, and more. Since the action button is necessary to troubleshoot your … Read more

Alexa Won’t Play Spotify [PROVEN FIX!]

Alexa Won't Play Spotify

Is your Alexa not playing Spotify? Or Alexa won’t connect to Spotify? Alexa supports all leading music streaming apps, including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Amazon Music, etc. You can even play SoundCloud on Alexa. But many people are facing difficulties in playing Spotify on Alexa. Alexa won’t play music from Spotify or connect to … Read more

How To Play Apple Music On Alexa Without Speaking

How To Play Apple Music On Alexa Without Speaking

There can be instances where you want to play Apple Music on Alexa without speaking. Well, you can do this. Sometimes speaking won’t be an option. But still, you want to play music on Alexa. There are a couple of workarounds to get this thing done. Whatever the reason you prefer not to speak to … Read more

Use Alexa On iPhone Without Opening App [Hands Free Alexa]

Use Alexa On iPhone Without Opening App

Are you wondering if you could use Alexa on iPhone without opening app? Compared with Apple’s own Siri, Alexa can do many more things. Many people find Alexa more useful and feature-rich than Siri. For the same reason, many people install the Alexa app on their iPhones. Only after installing Alexa app on their iPhones … Read more