69+ Alexa Roomba Commands [2023] – Must Know

Alexa Roomba Commands

Roombas are well worth it as the smart vacuum robot can connect with Alexa and automate the entire house cleaning tasks. To operate Roomba with Alexa, you need to know Alexa Roomba commands. Once you master all the essential Alexa Roomba commands, you can control your Roomba vacuum robot from any part of the globe … Read more

How To Use Roomba on Multiple Floors [Do It This Way!]

Using Roomba Multiple Floors

Robot vacuums like Roomba are great and helps you automate cleaning and mopping the floor on a schedule. Everything is OK as long as you have a single-story house or apartment. But how will you clean multiple floors with Roomba? If you are planning to buy a Roomba or have already bought one and wondering … Read more

Are Roombas Worth It In 2023? [Pros & Cons]

Are Roombas Worth It

A Roomba is a fully automated robot vacuum with advanced capabilities like the ability to self-empty the cleaning base, automatic dirt disposal, completely clean carpet, and many more. All the intelligent and advanced features that Roombas offers come at a price. Compared with other robot vacuum cleaners, Roomba is a bit on the expensive side. … Read more