How To Use Roomba Without WiFi?

When I planned to buy a new Roomba robot vacuum, my first question was whether Roomba works without WiFi.

Are you also wondering if you can use Roomba without WiFi? If yes, this is the guide you are looking for.

In this article, you will find qnsers to all questions, including does Roomba work without WiFi, whether can you use Roomba without a smartphone and you can disconnect Roomba from WiFi.

Can Roomba Work Without WiFi?

Yes. Roomba robot vacuum can work without WiFi. You may press the ‘Clean’ button once to start the cleaning process and press and hold it again to stop. If you want to do a spot cleaning, press the ‘Spot Clean’ button.

Roombas are advanced smart robot vacuum cleaners.

They have many innovative features like scheduling cleaning, intelligent sensing, floor mapping, and more.

If you want to use those features, a WiFi connection is necessary. But it doesn’t mean you cannot use Roomba without a WiFi connection.

Whether your home has WiFi or not, Roomba can clean any room as it would normally do.

Now that you know Roombas can work without WiFi, you may wonder how to use them.

How To Use Roomba Without WiFi?

To use the Roomba without WiFi, you must use the physical buttons on top of the robot vacuum. Press the “CLEAN” button to start cleaning. You may also use the “SPOT CLEAN” button to clean a specific area. Once the cleaning is done, press the “CLEAN” button again to stop.

Here’s how you can use the Roomba robot vacuum without connecting to WiFi.

Before starting, ensure your Roomba has enough charge. If not, charge them first and then continue.

On top of all Roomba robot vacuums, you will find a couple of buttons. They are Clean, Spot Clean, Home, Dock, etc. Using these buttons, you can efficiently operate Roomba even without WiFi.

Always ensure you start the cleaning from the dock.

Manually Clean With Roomba
  • To start cleaning, press the ‘Clean‘ button once. As soon as you press the clean button, Roomba will begin to vacuum the floor.
  • Once Roomba is done cleaning the floor, press and hold the Clean button for 3 seconds to stop cleaning. Your Roomba will now return back to its dock.
  • You may use the’ Spot Clean’ function to clean a specific area of your room. Just press the ‘Spot Clean‘ button, and Roomba will start to clean the specified location.

As you may know by now, using a Roomba to clean your room without WiFi is pretty simple and straightforward.

Can You Use Roomba Without A Smartphone?

Roomba robot vacuums can be used without a smartphone. The buttons on top of the robot vacuum can be used to clean an entire room or perform spot cleaning.

Connecting your Roomba to WiFi and using your smartphone helps you to perform various things like automation, scheduling, and more.

If you want to remotely clean your home, the best would be to connect your Roomba to Wi-Fi and set up the mobile app.

Furthermore, if you link Roomba with your home assistants like Google Home or Alexa, you can even clean your room with Alexa Roomba voice commands as well.

How To Turn Off WiFi On Roomba?

To turn off WiFi on your Roomba, you need to factory reset it. To factory reset your Roomba, open the iRobot mobile app, head to Settings, and select Remove/Factory Reset.

As of now, there isn’t any option to remove the WiFi connection on your Roomba. Only the option to change WiFi is available.

So you are forced to factory reset Roomba to disconnect it from Wi-Fi.

Following the recent incident where Rooma leaked a sensitive image of a lady on the toilet, many people are concerned about their privacy.

If you are, too, concerned about privacy and don’t want to Roomba to see or track you, you may turn off the WiFi and have peace of mind.

Can You Buy Roomba If You Don’t Have WiFi?

Not every people have a WiFi connection in their home.

If you are wondering if you can buy and use a Roomba without WiFi, yes, you can.

A WiFi connection is not absolutely necessary for Roomba to operate.

Roomba can perform all basic tasks like cleaning an entire room or performing a spot cleaning session. Without WiFi, it will only lack certain smart features like smart cleaning, scheduling, automation, voice control, timer, and more.

In short, Roombas are definitely worth it, even if you don’t connect them to WiFi.

Should You Use Roomba Without WiFi?

If you do not have WiFi in your home, you may use Roomba without WiFi. It will work just fine as it should. Whether or not connecting to WiFi doesn’t affect Roomba’s cleaning performance.

I see many people are concerned about their privacy using Roomba connected to WiFi. There has been an incident recently where Roomba Vacuum took a photo of women in the bathroom.

But I would say there are many perks of using Roomba connected to WiFi. It lets you easily automate cleaning tasks, scheduling, remotely cleaning the house from anywhere, etc.

To be honest, I don’t see a reason not to use Roomba connected to WiFi. For me, it makes my everyday life a lot easier. I have set up specific timings and automated the entire cleaning process.

Furthermore, I can now use Roomba and clean the floor even when I am not at home, all thanks to the smart capabilities of the robot vacuum.


Can You Manually Run A Roomba?

Yes. You can use your Roomba manually without using the app or connecting to WiFi. Start by pressing the ‘Clean‘ button once to turn on Roomba. Press the ‘Clean’ button again to start the cleaning process. To pause and resume cleaning, press the ‘Clean’ button, and to stop, press and hold the ‘Clean’ button.

You can even use the manual mode to use Roomba on multiple floors as well.

How To Use Roomba Without The App?

To use your Roomba without installing the mobile app, all you need to do is just press the ‘Clean’ button to start cleaning. Once Roomba finishes cleaning, you may press and hold the ‘Clean’ button to stop.

How To Turn Off Roomba For Vacation?

To turn off Roomba, you need long to press the ‘Clean’ button on the top. As soon as Roomba turns off, the green LED light will also turn off.

Once the Roomba is off, you no longer need to worry about it. Once you’re back home, press the button to turn it on instantly.

What’s Next?

If you do not have a WiFi connection at home or are concerned about your privacy, and do not want to connect to Roomba WiFi, you can still use them.

All Roomba vacuums work well without WiFi or the internet. You can operate the robot vacuum without your phone.

You only need to connect Roomba to WiFi if you want to use smart features like scheduling cleaning, timer, floor mapping, remotely controlling the vacuum, etc.