How To Use PIP In LG TV (Picture In Picture Mode)

Use PIP Mode On LG TV

Did you know your LG TV has an excellent feature called PIP mode or picture in picture mode? The PIP mode in your LG smart TV allows you to watch videos and use other apps or play multiple videos simultaneously. Not many people know about this feature yet. The PIP mode basically brings a floating … Read more

PS5 LAN Cable Keeps Disconnecting (Just Do THIS!) – 2023

PS5 LAN Cable Keeps Disconnecting

Does your PS5 LAN cable keep disconnecting and reconnecting? PS5 LAN cable disconnected is a widespread problem faced by many PS5 users lately. The connection drops and reconnects automatically. It can be extremely frustrating when the LAN cable disconnects suddenly while you are in a gameplay session. I faced this exact same problem on my … Read more

Vizio TV No Sound? (Do This First) – 2023 Fixed

Vizio TV No Sound

You turn on your Vizio TV and start watching your favorite TV show or movie, but you realize there’s no sound coming from the TV. You quickly grab your TV remote and increase the volume, but nothing happens. No sound coming from Vizio TV is a widespread problem many users face. But the good news … Read more

Blink Camera Blinking Green (Just Do This) – Fixed!

Blink Camera Blinking Green

Is your Blink camera flashing green? If yes, your Blink camera is experiencing a connection-related problem. The camera won’t work correctly, or you won’t be able to remotely view the Blink camera if the green light blinks. In this article, I will explain why the Blink camera and Blink Mini are blinking green and how … Read more

Horizontal Lines On Samsung TV Screen [Fixed] – 2023

Horizontal Lines On Samsung TV Screen

Horizontal lines on the TV screen are something that no Samsung TV owner ever wants to see it. But the horizontal lines are a common problem every TV owner encounters, irrespective of the brand. The horizontal or vertical lines on the Samsung TV screen are super annoying that affect TV viewing experience. You are in … Read more

Vizio SmartCast Not Working [Fixed] – 2023

Vizio SmartCast Not Working

SmartCast is the feature that I use the most on my Vizio TV. Casting content from my phone to Vizio TV has never been this easier. Of late, many people have been facing trouble using Vizio SmartCast. If Vizio SmartCast is not working for you, this article will help you fix the problem. I will … Read more

Why Roku Is Charging $5.99 A Month?

Why Roku Is Charging

Many Roku users are getting charged $5.99 every month lately. As Roku is entirely free and does not have any monthly fee or subscription cost, many wonder why they are getting charged by Roku. If Roku charged you or if you found a debit entry on your credit card or bank statement which says Roku, … Read more