How to Turn up Volume on Vizio TV Without Remote

How to Turn up Volume on Vizio TV Without Remote

Knowing the button placements on your Vizio TV is very important in case the battery on the TV remote runs out or you miss the remote. Every Vizio TV has a volume button, a power button, an input/source button, and the menu button on the TV itself. In case you lose the TV remote, you … Read more

Fixed: Alexa Not Working On Sonos – 2023

Alexa Not Working On Sonos

Is Alexa not working on Sonos, or has Alexa stopped working on your Sonos speakers? Alexa compatibility on Sonos is one of the most loved features of the speaker. But people have started facing issues using Alexa on Sonos lately. Many are unable to get Alexa working on Sonos. No matter what they do, Alexa … Read more

Fixed: Unable To Join The Sonos Network (2023)

Unable To Connect Sonos To WiFi Network

Sonos speakers are well-known in the industry and can produce high-quality sound. One of the problems many people face is that they fail to connect Sonos to the network. Even though Sonos is a well-built and high-quality speaker, occasionally, it runs into problems troubling the users. It is frustrating to see when your Sonos cannot … Read more

Roku Blinking White Light: FIXED (2023)

Roku Blinking White Light

A white light blinking on a Roku is very frustrating to many. You are watching Roku, the screen suddenly goes black, and a white LED starts to blink on the Roku player or the Roku remote. No matter what buttons you press on the remote, Roku won’t display anything but a flashing white light. This … Read more

Disable Alexa On Fire TV/Firestick [Just Do This!] 2023

Disable Alexa From Firestick

Amazon Fire TV and Firestick come with Alexa pre-built. Having Alexa on Firestick allows you to use voice commands to open any streaming apps, play content, and do many other things. But many people are concerned about having Alexa enabled on the Firestick or Fire TV. Many believe that Alexa secretly listens to your conversation … Read more

How To Play YouTube On Echo Show [The Hidden Method] – 2023

How To Play YouTube On Echo Show

Playing YouTube on Echo Show was easy until Firefox decided to discontinue its web browser support on Echo Show. A lot of people used to watch YouTube TV and YouTube videos on Echo Show by visiting the YouTube website on the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Since the web browser is no longer available for Echo … Read more

40 Alexa Fire TV Commands in 2023 [Full List]

Alexa Fire TV Voice Commands

Since Fire TV and Firestick come with Alexa built-in, it is straightforward to use the TV without having to touch the remote. With Alexa Fire TV voice commands, you can easily do anything and everything the TV remote does. One thing I like a lot about Alexa-enabled Fire TV and Firestick is that I can … Read more

How Long Do LG TVs Last? Are They Reliable in 2023?

How Long Do LG TVs Last

LG TVs have a strong presence in the entire consumer TV market worldwide. LG manufactures excellent TVs that are far more reliable than many expensive TVs in the market. The LG TV in my living room is more than seven years old and works flawlessly without any problems. So I can surely vouch for the … Read more

69+ Alexa Roomba Commands [2023] – Must Know

Alexa Roomba Commands

Roombas are well worth it as the smart vacuum robot can connect with Alexa and automate the entire house cleaning tasks. To operate Roomba with Alexa, you need to know Alexa Roomba commands. Once you master all the essential Alexa Roomba commands, you can control your Roomba vacuum robot from any part of the globe … Read more