Vizio Remote Button Layout [All Models With Pictures]

The button layout can be a bit confusing if this is your first time using a Vizio remote. But don’t worry, I will show you the Vizio Remote Layout of different models, and let’s see what the buttons are and what they do.

Vizio has a couple of different types of remote. The first one, of course, is the Vizio TV remote, then we have the Vizio sound bar remote, and finally, the Vizio universal remote.

The Vizio universal remote can be used to control your TV, a sound bar, or other Vizio devices.

Vizio Remote Layout

The layout of the Vizio TV remote changes with the model and manufacturing year, like how the power button placement differs.

The layout of a Vizio TV remote that you get with a model Vizio TV might not be the same compared to a different model.

The button placement, number of buttons, and type of button vary greatly from remote to remote.

Note: We are only discussing the remote layout of official Vizio remotes. There are a ton of official TV remotes for Vizio devices. They are omitted here.

Vizio TV Remote Layout

First of all, let’s start with Vizio TV remote layout.

There are multiple different models of Vizio TV remotes. So let’s go through some common ones.

VIZIO SmartCast TV Remote Layout

vizio smartcast tv remote layout

This is the most popular Vizio TV remote in modern Vizio smart TVs. As the name suggests, this is a SmartCast TV remote.

Up to the top, you have an input button on the left and a power button on the right. You may use the input button to change the input source and the power button to turn on or off the TV.

The second and third row houses pre-programmed buttons that can open your favorite streaming application in a single click.

Peacock, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Crackle, and Tubi are six preconfigured Vizio SmartCast TV remote buttons.

Streaming app shortcut buttons may change from time to time.

You can find the Watch Free + button in the center on the fourth row. To the right is the info button and to the left is the menu button to access Vizio TV settings.

To the center of the remote is the navigation button cluster with up-and-down and left and right keys. It also houses the OK button used to select options and make selections.

Just beneath the navigation button cluster, you will find the back button to the left, the home button to the center, and the closed captions button to the right.

The second row beneath the navigation button cluster houses the vertical volume and channel adjustment buttons. You can also find a previous and mute button in the center of the vertical controls.

Finally, you have the numeric num pads button that you can use to change channels.

Supported Models:

The Vizio SmartCast Remote works with all Vizio SmartCast-enabled TVs.

Vizio Voice Remote Layout

vizio voice remote layout

The Vizio Voice Remote is the one that comes without num pads. The SmartCast TV remote had a full number pad, but that’s not the case with Vizio Voice Remote.

The main difference here is that a mic button replaces the full-size number pad.

As for the pre-built quick access buttons, Pluto TV and iHeartRadio are included instead of Crackle and Peacock, as in the SmartCast TV remote.

You may press the mic button on the Vizio Voice Remote to activate the voice commands and control your TV. It is in the same place as the home button on the SmartCast TV remote.

Furthermore, you won’t find the channel up and down buttons in the voice remote. But you get the volume and mute buttons.

Supported Models:

V435-J01, V505-JO1, V505-J09, V555-J01, V585-J01, V655-J04, V655-J09, V705-J01, V705-J03, V706-J03, V755-J04, V756-J03, M43Q6-J04, M50Q6-J01, M50Q7-J01, M55Q6-J01, M55Q7-J01, M58Q7-J01, M65Q6-J09, M65Q7-J01, M70Q6-J03, M70Q7-J03, M75Q6-J03, M75Q7-J03, P65Q9-J01, 075Q9-J01, PB5QX-J01.

Vizio Soundbar Remote Layout (Backlit Display Audio)

vizio soundbar remote layout

The Vizio sound bar remote is a bit special because it has a backlit display on the top. Yes, you heard it right.

The all-new backlit display on the Vizio sound bar remote will give you information such as mode, output, source, etc., making it easy for you to use the remote in the dark.

Beneath the backlit display is the input, Bluetooth, and power button. The input button lets you quickly change the input source, such as HDMI in, Bluetooth, HDMI eARC, etc.

The Bluetooth button is used to stream music wirelessly from other Bluetooth-enabled devices directly. And finally, the power button to turn on and off the soundbar.

To the center of the remote is the navigation button cluster along with the OK button.

The EQ, volume adjustment, and setup buttons can be found in the next row. The EQ button can control various equalizer settings, and the volume adjustment button can increase or decrease the volume.

The setup, level, and effect buttons can tweak the audio output according to your liking. Play with the settings until you come up with the best mix that matches your style.

Finally, at the very bottom, you have the mute button.

Vizio Universal Remote Layout

vizio tv universal remote

Some third-party brands like Betterqualityremote manufacture universal remotes compatible with all Vizio TV models.

Below is the layout of a Vizio universal remote.

The most significant advantage of a universal remote is that you can use the remote to control multiple Vizio TVs. It doesn’t matter what model it is. It should be compatible with all Vizio TVs, including SmartCast TVs.

To the top left comes the input button, and to the right comes the power button.

The second row has Amazon, Netflix, and MGO shortcut buttons. These should help you launch your favorite app in a single click.

You can find the media control buttons on the third and fourth rows. It includes fast forward, backward, play, pause, stop record, cc, info, and more.

To the center are the navigation button cluster and exit, menu, back, and guide buttons on all four corners of the cluster.

Next comes yellow, blue, red, and green buttons that can be customized according to your requirement.

You may find the volume and channel adjustment buttons beneath the customizable buttons.

Finally comes the full-size number pad from 0 to 9.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the menu button on my Vizio remote?

On Vizio TV remotes, the menu button to access settings is marked with a gear icon. Some remotes may have a dedicated button with the ‘MENU’ label.

Can I Use A Vizio TV Remote For All Vizio TVs?

Generally, Vizio TV remotes are compatible with a wide range of models. For example, a regular voice remote should be compatible with different models of Vizio TV. The SmartCast TV remote is compatible with all SmartCast lineups of TVs from Vizio.

Wrapping Up

Vizio has various remotes for devices like TV, sound bar, etc. Knowing the button layout of these remotes will help you quickly identify what a button does, and you won’t have to struggle a lot to find a button.

Vizio TVs have multiple remote. For example, the same model of TV manufactured in 2018 and 2020 will have a different remote. But in many cases, the remote should be compatible with each other TV.

Grab your Vizio TV remote, go through each button, and see what they do. It will help you to use your TV more efficiently and quickly.