Cache Not Clearing on Firestick [Why & How To Fix]

Clear Cache Not Working on Firestick

Clearing cache on your Firestick is one way to make it faster and free up some storage space. If you are a Firestick user, you might have noticed that even after clearing the cache, a small amount of storage will still be shown as occupied by the cache files. Say, for example, you cleared the … Read more

How to Change LG TV Name? Rename LG TV

How to Rename LG TV?

At times you might want to rename your LG TV. Changing your LG TV’s name will be ideal if you have multiple LG TVs in your house. LG TVs come with various features, including smart connectivity, out-of-the-world display, and some nifty little options like the ability to change the name of the TV. The option … Read more

Unable to Turn On LG TV With Alexa [Problem SOLVED!]

alexa won't turn on lg tv

Many people are facing issues where Alexa won’t turn on LG TV. It appears that Alexa can turn LG TV off but not on. Well, I got a solution for you. Everyone is surprised that LG TVs are behaving strangely since they are highly reliable and last long. I followed the same steps below to … Read more