Can You Wear AirPods In A Tanning Bed? Yes, But..

Everyone knows a tanning bed emits UV light throughout the session continuously. Many wonders if the UV light produced by the tanning bed causes damage to the AirPods.

If you’re confused about wearing AirPods in a tanning bed, you have come to the right place.

Wearing AirPods in a tanning bed for a short period of time does not cause any damage. But wearing the AirPods for a prolonged period in the tanning bed will make the AirPods overheat. If the temperature goes above 39 degrees celsius, the AirPods may get damaged or turn off.

Can You Wear Headphones or Earbuds in a Tanning Bed?

Normally, wearing headphones or earbuds like the AirPods or AirPods Max is safe to go. But if you plan to wear it for a longer time, it may be a problem.

All headphones and AirPods have an optimal operating temperature. If the AirPods is exposed to more heat than they would withstand, the AirPods may malfunction, damage, or turn off to prevent any damage.

If you plan to use your AirPods for a quick two or three minutes tanning bed session, it’s perfectly alright, and no damage will be caused.

But I do not recommend continuously using the AirPods for longer tanning bed sessions.

Most tanning bed sessions won’t take more than 10 minutes anyway, so it’s okay for many not to listen to music.

If you can manage the 10 minutes of tanning bed session without music, it would be best if you do not wear your AirPods.

Many people tend to wear their AirPods always. No matter what they do. Whether it be cooking, grocery shopping, workout sessions, gaming, etc., some always prefer to have AirPods on.

Can AirPods Overheat In A Tanning Bed?

AirPods Overheating

Overheating is one of the main concerns of using AirPods in a tanning bed.

It’s a no-brainer that the UV light emitted by the tanning bed increases the temperature of the bed.

As mentioned earlier, every pair of headphones and earbuds have an optimal operating temperature.

For Apple AirPods, the acceptable operating temperature is between 0°C and 35°C or 32° to 95°F.

Apple explains that using AirPods in hot conditions can permanently affect and shorten the battery life.

Most tanning beds’ temperature can go up to 90°F. So in most cases, the temperature will be what AirPods can withstand.

But if the UV light directly falls on top of the AirPods, it can be a problem. Depending on the age and type of the tanning bed, the temperature can vary a lot.

So before concluding whether or not the AirPods can withstand the temperature, see the operating temperature of the tanning bed and then decide.

Similar to using AirPods in a tanning bed, using AirPods inside a sauna also makes it overheat and, in turn, die.

Can The UV Radiation Damage AirPods?

Earbuds like the AirPods can easily withstand UV radiation for up to several minutes. Since you only wear AirPods in a tanning bed for a few minutes, it should be good to go.

Electronic devices like AirPods shouldn’t be affected by the UV light radiating from the tanning bed. But prolonged exposure to UV light may cause the internals of the AirPods to burn. But it is highly unlikely to happen as you would need to expose the AirPods for many hours.

As a matter of fact, UV radiations are more harmful to your skin than to electronic devices. If UV radiation were to damage electronic devices, it would very well damage your skin before that.

While on a tanning bed, you should take utmost care not to let the UV light hit your eyes, as it can cause severe damage.

Can You Wear Wired AirPods in a Tanning Bed?

It doesn’t matter if it is a wired or wireless AirPods; whether it is safe to use them on a tanning bed depends on the operating temperature.

Go through the official website of the AirPods manufacturer or the user manual and find the optimal operating temperature.

If the operating temperature is well below the tanning bed’s maximum temperature, it should be usable for several minutes without any problem. But make sure you do not use it for longer period.

Furthermore, if you plan to use wired AirPods in a tanning bed, make sure the wire goes around your body if you don’t want any lines on your body after the tanning session.

Tips For Using AirPods In A Tanning Bed

Below are some tips to help you better use AirPods in a tanning bed. It also helps you avoid possible mistakes that might damage the AirPods.

  • Do not let the AirPods overheat: The optimal operating temperature of the AirPods is up to 35°C. If your tanning bed’s maximum temperature goes beyond 35°C, you should avoid using the AirPods. Using AirPods when it is overheated can cause permanent damage to the battery.
  • Do not bring the charging case to the tanning bed: Avoid bringing the AirPods charging case to the tanning bed. The bulk of the battery unit is in the AirPods charging case. Overheating can cause permanent damage to the battery.
  • Make the wire go around the body: If you use wired AirPods, ensure the wire goes around your body and not on top of it.

If there is any way you can avoid using AirPods and use your mobile speaker instead, do it, as it is less harmful, and you no need not to worry about anything else.

What’s Next?

Now that you know every aspect of using AirPods in a tanning bed, you should decide yourself whether or not to wear AirPods. If the tanning bed’s maximum temperature falls between the AirPods’ optimal operating temperature, there shouldn’t be any problem.

Ensure you do not use AirPods for a prolonged period in a tanning bed. It would be better if you could totally avoid AirPods for the session. You could play music on your phone and keep it a few feets away from the tanning bed.

If you notice your AirPods is making a beeping sound, it is either low on charge or moisture has got inside. The AirPods may also make a high-pitched noise if the seal is not proper.