Insignia TV Remote Not Working? (Just Do This!) – Fixed 2024

Insignia TV Remote Not Working

Is your Insignia TV remote not working? Worry not, as it can be easily fixed. All Insignia TV owners encounter remote-related problems at least once. Without the remote, using your Insignia TV can be highly unintuitive. In this guide, I will explain what exactly I did do to fix my Insignia TV remote and get … Read more

Insignia Roku TV Black Screen (Just Do This!) – Fixed 2024

Insignia Roku TV Black Screen

Is your Insignia Roku TV screen black, or does the screen flicker continuously? For some people, the screen goes black without sound, but for some, the sound plays but won’t display anything. The Insignia TV will turn on, but there won’t be any video, sound, or both. Whatever the case, Insignia Roku TV black screen … Read more

Insignia Fire TV: Only Power Button Works? (JUST DO THIS)

Fix Only Power Button Works on Insignia TV Remote

Are you in a situation where only the power button is working on your Insignia TV remote? The common reason only the power button works on the Insignia TV remote is that the remote got unpaired. To get the remote working again, you must re-pair it back to the TV. Re-pairing the Insignia TV remote … Read more