How To Reset Element TV With/Without Remote (Reset Button)

Reset Element TV

Is your Element TV not working correctly, or are you planning to give it to someone? Either way, resetting the TV may be essential. A few days back, all of a sudden, my Element TV’s sound stopped working, but the content was visible on the screen. I tried force restarting the TV power cycling, and … Read more

Element TV Won’t Turn On (Just Do This!) – Fixed

Element TV Wont Turn On

Is your ELEMENT TV not turning on? Don’t worry, follow the troubleshooting steps below to fix it immediately. If your Element TV won’t turn on, you are not alone. Thousands of Element TV users face the same problem. Element TVs are more likely to run into problems since they are cheaper than brands like LG … Read more

Element Roku TV Black Screen (Just Do This!) – Fixed 2024

Element Roku TV Black Screen

Is your Element Roku TV screen black, or does the screen flicker continuously? For some people, the screen goes black without sound, but for some, the sound plays but won’t display anything. The Element TV will turn on, but there won’t be any video, sound, or both. Whatever the case, Element Roku TV black screen … Read more