Blink Camera Blinking Green (Just Do This) – Fixed!

Blink Camera Blinking Green

Is your Blink camera flashing green? If yes, your Blink camera is experiencing a connection-related problem. The camera won’t work correctly, or you won’t be able to remotely view the Blink camera if the green light blinks. In this article, I will explain why the Blink camera and Blink Mini are blinking green and how … Read more

Blink Camera Not Connecting To WiFi (Fixed) – 2024

Blink Camera Not Connecting to WiFi

Is your Blink camera not connecting to WiFi? WiFi is essential for Blink cameras to work properly. Many people face issues connecting Blink cameras to WiFi. When I set up the Blink camera in my home, I faced problems connecting it to WiFi. But I figured out the exact issue of why my camera was … Read more

Why Is My Blink Camera Flashing Red? Solved [5 Ways] 2024

Blink Camera Blinking Red

I have five Blink cameras in my home and office space. Being a long-time Ring user, the shift to Blink was very exciting. I used it comfortably without any issues for more than two months, and then suddenly, a red light started appearing on the Blink camera, making me unable to view the camera’s live … Read more