Is Your PS5 Fan Loud & Noisy? (Just Do This!) – 2024

Is your PS5 fan so loud that it feels like a jet engine? If yes, you are not alone.

Pretty much all PS5 users experience this problem at some point.

In most cases, your PS5 makes loud noise due to overheating. It could be due to running heavy games for prolonged periods, the buildup of dust, or something blocking the air vents.

As per Sony, your PS5 making loud noise is normal, and you don’t need to worry about it. But for us gamers, it can be irritating and extremely troublesome.

If the fan does not slow down after a few minutes, you may try the troubleshooting steps below to fix your PS5.

Why is my PS5 console making noise?

Before looking at the troubleshooting steps to fix PS5 fan noise, let’s see some reasons why it happens in the first place.

  • Obstructed air vents: In most cases, your PS5 fan makes a loud noise when the air vents towards the sides and back of the PS5 are blocked or obstructed by something.
  • Dust Build-Up: If dust or dirt particle builds up around the air vents, it affects cooling by obstructing air ventilation.
  • Console placed on a carpet: If you place your PS5 console on a carpet with long fibers, it can cause overheating, and, in turn, the fan makes noise.
  • Noisy disc drive: The disc drive on your PS5 can sometimes spin faster, causing a sound similar to that of a fan.

How To Fix PS5 Fan Loud Noise?

If your PS5 fan is making too much noise, it is because of overheating. To fix this, ensure your PS5 is not placed inside a cabinet or shelf with less than 10CM to each side. Similarly, clean the dirt and dust particles on air vents using a lint-free microfibre cleaning cloth.

Reposition PS5

The first thing you want to do is to reposition your PS5.

Towards the sides and the back side of the PS5, you will find air vents for cooling the console.

If you place your PS5 console in a cabinet with less than 10 cm to each side, it can cause overheating.

place the ps5 properly

Overheating is the reason why your PS5 makes loud noises. The fan spins extremely faster to cool down the console and, in turn, makes a noise.

Firstly, you must ensure nothing obstructs the air vents directly.

If there is something too close to the air vents, you need to move it out of the way.

Similarly, if you placed the console in a cabinet or shelf with less than 10 cm to any side, especially the sides with air vents, you need to change its position.

Place the PS5 console on the table and use it for some time. You can notice the fan noise is low because nothing obstructs the air vents, and enough cooling occurs.

Note that you shouldn’t cover the console with any cloth or plastic cover. It will cause the PS5 to overheat.

Clean The Air Vents

The next thing to do is to clean the air vents.

As you might already know by now, your Sony PlayStation 5 has air vents to the sides and the back that help to push the hot air out of the console.

If dirt gets built up on air vents, the hot air will become unable to go out and cause the PS5 to overheat.

Turn off your PS five and unplug all cables.

Place the console on a table and closely examine the air vents to see if dirt or dust build-ups exist.

If yes, you need to clean the same.

PS5 Air Vents

Using a lint-free microfibre cleaning cloth, gently wipe the air vents to remove all the dirt and debris and clean them.

Do not use any liquid cleaning solution to clean the air vents. Doing so will damage your console.

You can also try using a vacuum cleaner, holding it at a distance of more than 6 to 7 cm. Do not bring it closer to the air vent, as it can damage the internals.

If you want to go the extra mile ahead and clean the entire fan unit of your PS5, you may open the console and clean it as well.

If dust or dirt gets inside the HDMI port, they won’t work properly.

Follow the video below to find out how:

Place The PS5 Vertically For More Air Circulation

If your PS5 overheats frequently, a simple tip below will help you fix it.

Instead of placing the PS5 horizontally flat on a surface, place it vertically.


Placing the PS5 vertically will result in more air circulation, and it becomes easy to cool it down. This will help you fix the PS5 loud noise issue.

A Few More Tips To Fix PS5 Loud Fan

You shouldn’t place your PS5 on a mat or carpet with long fibers. It will make the PS5 overheat.

Similarly, do not cover your PS5 with a cloth or a cover. It will obstruct the air flow, and the hot air won’t get a chance to escape.

Finally, after every few hours, it would be best to allow the console to cool for some time. This way, you can get rid of the fan noise quickly.

What’s Next?

Now that you have managed to fix your PS5 fan loud noise issue, you can play your favorite game with peace of mind.

You should clean your PS5 console air vents once in a while to remove the dirt and dust buildup. This way, it will ensure smooth air flow, and helps and cooling the console.