Oculus (Meta) Quest Strap Broken? Get Free Replacement

Is your Oculus Quest scrap broken? If yes, follow the guide below to get a free replacement of the Oculus 2 Elite Strap With Battery and Carrying Case.

It’s not just you. The strap of the Oculus Quest 2 breaks very quickly for many people. It is now a widespread issue due to poor build quality.

Facebook officially acknowledged the problem a while ago and offered free replacements for broken Oculus Quest straps.

You may get the strap replaced for free. All you need to do is follow the steps given below to raise a support ticket and get your free replacement in less than seven days.

A friend of mine managed to get his Oculus Quest strap replaced two times. Both times, Facebook sent the replacement unit for free.

My Oculus Quest Head Strap Broken

If your Oculus Quest strap breaks, you may get it replaced free of cost. Visit the Meta Quest support website and raise a support ticket by including details like your full name, email address, serial number of Quest, and pictures of the broken strap. Wait for the replacement to arrive at your shipping address.

The head strap of Oculus Quest 2, Oculus Quest 2 Pro, Oculus Quest 1, and Oculus Quest Elite breaks very easily. The head strap of the Oculus Quest is not that durable, as the build quality is poor.

Broken Oculus Quest Elite Strap

If your oculus quest head strap has broken, you must follow the simple steps below to replace it.

Note The Oculus Quest Serial Number

The first thing you need to do is note down the Oculus Quest serial number.

You will need the serial number to raise a support ticket and get a replacement for free.

There are a couple of different ways to get the serial number:

  • You can find it on the Oculus Quest itself
  • The box
  • On the Oculus Go app

You can find the serial number of the oculus quest on the headset itself and the invoice or the box in which it came.

Grab your Oculus Quest and gently pull the strap to remove it.

Note the serial number

Towards the left side of the Oculus Quest, you can find the serial number that you need to send to the Oculus support team.

If you can’t find the serial number on your Oculus Quest, you may check it on the box, the invoice, or the Oculus Go app.

Once you have noted the serial number, move to the next step to raise a support ticket.

Click a Picture O The Broken Quest Strap

You will be asked to upload an image of the broken Quest strap during the replacement process. So you need to click a picture of the broken strap.

Ensure the damage is clearly visible on the image.

Grab your smartphone camera and click a picture with enough lighting.

Save the image somewhere handy. We will need the image in the coming step.

Raise Replacement Request

You need to create a new support ticket on the official Oculus Quest support website to get the free replacement unit.

The whole process is straightforward. It will take no more than five minutes to raise the support ticket.

The Oculus Quest strap replacement option cannot be easily found as it is buried under many options. But don’t worry. Follow the simple steps below to find it.

Open a browser on your PC or smartphone and visit the support page of Oculus.

Scroll all the way down and click the Contact support button.

contact support oculus quest

Now click Meta Quest.

Select Meta Quest

Select the Meta Quest 2 product from the list.

Select the Meta Quest 2

The page will ask which part of the Meta Quest 2 you have. Select Accessory.

Select Accessory

Select Elite Strap.

Select Elite Strap

Click With Battery.

Click With Battery

Click the ‘This does not solve my issue’ button.

'This does not solve my issue' button

Now a form will appear. You need to enter the details to open a support ticket.

Firstly enter your full name and email address.

In the Additional information field, you need to explain the issue. Just say the Meta Quest strap is broken.

Next, you need to enter the serial number of your Oculus Quest. If you have the Order number, enter that as well.

fill the support form

Finally, upload an image of the broken Oculus Quest strap by clicking the Choose files button below the form.

Double-check the form to ensure all the details are correct. Click the Submit button to open the support ticket.

Shortly you will receive an email confirmation on the registered email address.

Quest Strap Replacement Follow Up

After raising a support ticket, you will receive an email asking to provide additional details.

You will be asked to send the full name, shipping address, and phone number, the receipt or invoice, the Oculus email address associated with your account, and a picture of the serial number.

Quest Strap Replacement Follow Up

Only if you send those details will they process your replacement request.

You need to send a reply email furnishing all the details and attach the receipt or invoice and the picture of the serial number.

Quest Strap Replacement Delivery

After sending all the required information and pictures, they will process your replacement request.

Once processed, they will send the replacement unit to the shipping address you provided in the email earlier.

In most cases, you should get the replacement in less than seven working days.

My friend managed to get his replacement strap unit in less than four days.

Attach The Strap To Meta Quest

Once you receive the replacement strap for your Meta Quest, you need to attach it.

Attaching the strap to the Meta Quest is straightforward.

Remove the old broken strap by gently pulling the strap hook from either side.

Grab the new replacement strap and align it with the connector on the Quest.

Gently push to lock the strap, and you are good to go.

Attach The Strap To Meta Quest

That’s it. You have successfully replaced your Meta Quest head strap for free.

Get a Quest Elite 2 Strap From Amazon

KIWI Quest Strap

If you can’t wait till the delivery arrives or don’t want to get a free replacement, then you have another option too.

You can get a Quest Elite 2 head strap accessory compatible with the oculus Quest 2 off Amazon.

Many third-party companies manufacture some really great and high-quality head strap accessories for Quest two. Below are links to a couple of well-built head straps for Quest 2.

Do check them out.

Why Oculus Quest Strap Breaks So Easily

The head strap of the Oculus Quest 2 headsets is built very cheaply. Since the built quality is not excellent, the strap breaks easily.

The head strap of many people’s Quest has broken recently, and Facebook arranged a free replacement for all of them.

The fact is that even Facebook knows the head strap it’s not that durable and breaks easily. This is the reason why Facebook offered a free replacement. Certain customers were able to get their free replacement more than two times.

How Many Times Can I Get Free Strap Replacement?

My friend managed to get two free replacements to date. He raised a support ticket the second time, and the Facebook team arranged a free replacement for him without asking any questions.

It’s unclear if there is a limit on the number of free replacements one can get. But even if it is your second time, give it a shot, and you may get a replacement second or third time, too.

Also, see how to fix Oculus Quest 2 not pairing issues.

Wrapping Up

Many people got their Meta Quest strap broken very easily. It has been found that the Oculus Quest head strap gets easily damaged because of the poor built quality.

Facebook officially acknowledged the problem with the elite strap for Oculus and started offering a free replacement.

To get the replacement, you need to raise a support ticket on the Quest support website, fill in essential details, and click and upload a few pictures, including the serial number.

Enjoy your Oculus Quest strap replacement.