Reset Vizio TV Without Remote (The EASY Way)

Reset Vizio TV Without Remote

Without the remote, people find it hard to do certain things on the Vizio TV, like connecting to WiFi, resetting the TV, adjusting the volume, or changing the channel. Are you trying to reset your Vizio TV without the remote? You may have lost your TV remote, or your Vizio remote is not working. Whatever … Read more

Vizio TV Won’t Recognize USB Flash Drive Fix (Just Do This)

Vizio TV Won't Recognize USB Flash Drive

Did you connect a USB flash drive to your Vizio TV only to realize that the TV hasn’t recognized it? Many Vizio TV owners are facing difficulties in connecting USB flash drives. No matter what they do, the TV won’t recognize and show the USB pen drives connected to it. Since the TV doesn’t recognize … Read more

Why Is My Vizio TV So Slow? Proven Fixes (9 Ways)

Vizio TV So Slow

From the last two weeks, my Vizio TV has become considerably slower. The TV is so slow to respond, it lags and freezes sometimes. What’s more frustrating is that it takes at least 3 to 5 seconds for the TV to respond after I press a button on the remote. Furthermore, opening apps like Netflix … Read more

Vizio TV Turns On By Itself – Disable CEC! (12 Ways)

Vizio TV Turns On By Itself

Does your Vizio TV turn on by itself? Well, you are not alone. It is now a common problem that many users face. Last day, I noticed my Vizio TV turned on by itself. I turned it off, and it turned on automatically after 30 minutes. I was surprised to see this happening as the … Read more

Connect Vizio TV To WiFi Without Remote (6 Ways)

Connect Vizio TV To WiFi Without Remote

If you haven’t connected your Vizio TV to WiFi yet and lost your TV remote, don’t worry; there are many other ways to connect Vizio TV to WiFi without the remote. Many people find themselves needing to connect Vizio TV to WiFi or do something else without the TV remote. To connect Vizio TV to … Read more

Vizio TV Audio Out Of Sync? Just Do This

Vizio TV Audio Out Of Sync

There is nothing worst than watching TV with delayed audio or lip-sync mismatch. Is your Vizio TV audio out of sync? Vizio TV sound delay is now a common problem that a lot of people face these days. Vizio TV has a feature called Vizio Lip Sync, which will intelligently detect if there is delayed … Read more

Vizio TV Flickering? Do This NOW (12 Ways)

Vizio TV Flickering

Did you notice your Vizio TV screen is flashing or horizontal likes moving continuously? Your Vizio TV is suffering from a condition called Screen Flickering. There are several reasons why your Vizio TV flickers. In this article, I’ll walk you through all the troubleshooting steps to fix a Vizio TV that flickers. You don’t need … Read more

Vizio TV Remote Not Working? Do This First (9 Fixes)

Vizio TV Remote Not Working

If your Vizio TV remote is not working, don’t worry, you are not alone. A Vizio TV remote might fail to work for various reasons. If yours is not working, follow the troubleshooting guide below to get it fixed. Users using the TV remote to control their Vizio TV will find it very difficult and … Read more

Vizio TV Stuck On Logo? Here’s The FIX (13 Fixes)

Vizio TV Stuck On Logo

Is your Vizio TV stuck on the logo? Well, you are not alone. Vizio TVs are superb with all that new features and options. But similar to any other TV, they, too, run into problems like getting stuck on the Vizio logo. You turn on your Vizio TV as usual, but the TV does not … Read more