How To Program GE Universal Remote To Any TV [Without/With Code]

Pair GE universal remote to your TV

One of the perks of using a GE universal remote is that you can control not only your TV but also Blu-ray players, cable boxes, DVD players, etc. at the same time. You don’t need to use multiple remotes to control various devices. If you lost your original TV remote or it is not working, … Read more

JLab Earbuds Not Pairing/Connecting (Just Do This!) – 2023

jlab earbuds not pairing

JLab earbuds not pairing or connecting is a widespread issue faced by many people these days. One of my friends tried to pair his JLab Earbuds to a new device; no matter what he did, the JLab Earbuds won’t pair. In most cases, the simple reason why your JLab Earbuds are not pairing is because … Read more

What is LG Super Resolution & How To Enable It? (2023)

LG Super Resolution

Many are confused as to what exactly is LG Super Resolution and how it helps you get better picture quality on your LG Smart TV and compatible monitors. LG super resolution is an incredible feature on newer LG TV models. But the fact is that not a lot of people still know about this. Let’s … Read more

Xbox Cloud Gaming Lagging (Just Do This!) Fixed – 2023

Xbox Cloud Gaming Lagging

Xbox Cloud gaming is excellent and lets you play your favorite game on any device on the go. Everything is cool until it starts to lag. It becomes almost impossible to play games when Xbox cloud gaming is so laggy. It can be highly frustrating and not tolerable. I faced the same problem when I … Read more

How To Use PIP In LG TV (Picture In Picture Mode)

Use PIP Mode On LG TV

Did you know your LG TV has an excellent feature called PIP mode or picture in picture mode? The PIP mode in your LG smart TV allows you to watch videos and use other apps or play multiple videos simultaneously. Not many people know about this feature yet. The PIP mode basically brings a floating … Read more