Is a Cellular iPad Worth It? Pros & Cons

Congratulations on your decision to buy a new iPad. Now you are confused about whether to get the cellular iPad or the WiFi-only iPad. Both these variants come with pros and cons of their own. In this article, I will list down all the pros and cons of a cellular iPad to see if it’s … Read more

How Do I Know If My iPad Is Charging When Off or On

How To Know If iPad Is Charging

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Does iPad Need Screen Protector? – Expert Opinion

Does iPad Need Screen Protector? - Expert Opinion

Traditionally, it is said that screen protectors are a great way to keep your screen safe from scratches and dirt and make it much easier to clean your iPad screen. There are two opinions on whether the iPad needs a screen protector. Some people argue the iPad doesn’t need a screen protector, while others recommend … Read more

What Is Motion Warning In Ring Cameras?

Ring Motion Warning

Ring security cameras,, including doorbells and cameras,, are known for their features. Motion warning is one such feature available in Ring smart home devices that helps you add an extra layer of security to your home. Below in this article, you will find what is Motion Warning, whether you should enable motion warning, Ring devices … Read more

What Does OBJ Mean In Text – [OBJ]

What is OBJ

Many people are seeing a square box that says OBJ on text messages, social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), and web browsers lately. What exactly is OBJ, and what does OBJ mean in Android, iOS, Mac, or Windows? You might be wondering what OBJ is in the text. Usually, it appears inside a dotted square … Read more

TV Dimensions and Size Guide

TVs are essential to your home, and care should be taken when selecting the perfect size for your room. Not all TV sizes are suitable for everyone. There are several different factors that you need to consider before buying a TV. The room size, distance from sofa to TV, etc., are a few factors to … Read more

Who Makes Onn TVs (and Where It Is Made) – 2023

Who Makes Onn TVs

If you are looking for a budget TV, then Onn TV might be something you are looking for. But before making the purchase, we must know about the brand and where the TV is manufactured, considering TVs are somewhat big purchases that we do not make often. You might have seen an ONN Tv on … Read more