How To Refresh AirTag Location [Force Update Location] – 2023

How To Refresh AirTag Location

Are you experiencing trouble in locating the Apple AirTag location or is your AirTag location not updated continuously? Even though an AirTag is supposed to update its location every time it moves from one location to another, for certain reasons, it may fail to update its location in real time. In this article, you will … Read more

Can I Use AirPods In Sauna or Steam Room?

Can I Use AirPods In Sauna or Steam Room?

So you are about to head to sauna, and wondering if it is okay to use AirPods in Sauna or steam room. Although you can use AirPods in the sauna, it is not recommended as AirPods cannot withstand high temperatures and moisture. Exposure to high temperatures leads to battery issues, and moisture may damage the … Read more

How Long Does Roomba Take to Charge? (All Models) – 2023

How Long Does Roomba Take to Charge

Roombas are fantastic robot vacuum cleaners with good battery life. Many people wonder how long does it take for Roomba to charge the battery fully? If you’re about to purchase a new Roomba, it is good to know about all the aspects of the robot vacuum, including the battery life and how long it takes … Read more

Can You Wear AirPods While Driving? (Is It Illegal?) – 2023

Can You Wear AirPods While Driving

AirPods has become a part of our daily life. Many people always wear AirPods, even while on a tanning bed and sauna or steaming room. All thanks to the active noise cancellation and the background noise features, AirPods help you listen to the background sound even when wearing them. Many people wonder if it is … Read more

Can You Wear AirPods In A Tanning Bed? Yes, But..

Can You Wear AirPods In A Tanning Bed

Everyone knows a tanning bed emits UV light throughout the session continuously. Many wonders if the UV light produced by the tanning bed causes damage to the AirPods. If you’re confused about wearing AirPods in a tanning bed, you have come to the right place. Wearing AirPods in a tanning bed for a short period … Read more

Do Vizio TVs Have Bluetooth? (Yes & No) – 2 Workarounds

Do Vizio TVs Have Bluetooth

Bluetooth is an essential feature on any smart TV out there. Whether you want to connect a wireless headphone or Bluetooth speaker to your TV, it should have Bluetooth built in. Some Vizio TVs come with Bluetooth LE, while some have the original Bluetooth. Vizio TVs with Bluetooth LE cannot connect to wireless headphones or … Read more

40 Alexa Fire TV Commands in 2023 [Full List]

Alexa Fire TV Voice Commands

Since Fire TV and Firestick come with Alexa built-in, it is straightforward to use the TV without having to touch the remote. With Alexa Fire TV voice commands, you can easily do anything and everything the TV remote does. One thing I like a lot about Alexa-enabled Fire TV and Firestick is that I can … Read more

How Long Do LG TVs Last? Are They Reliable in 2023?

How Long Do LG TVs Last

LG TVs have a strong presence in the entire consumer TV market worldwide. LG manufactures excellent TVs that are far more reliable than many expensive TVs in the market. The LG TV in my living room is more than seven years old and works flawlessly without any problems. So I can surely vouch for the … Read more